Your Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Yes, we are a 100% free service for home buyers and sellers. Anything you pay in real estate commissions or related transaction fees will not be affected by using our service.

We make our money through a referral fee paid to us once your home is purchased or sold. We only take fees when a successful real estate transaction occurs, and the fees we take are paid for by the agent – not you.

This system works well because our earnings are dependent on whether or not we can match you with agents who can get the job done right. If we refer you to an underperforming agent, then we don’t make money. It’s a win-win-win situation.

There are a bunch of factors that determine whether or not an agent is going to be effective, and we try to cover every one of them. To determine an agent’s reputation, we look at client reviews hosted through independent sources, check disciplinary records and note years in business, among other things. To identify whether their local expertise relates to your needs, we look at the area in which previous homes were sold, their involvement in their local community and more. To assess their networking power and online presence, we check follower counts and user interaction on multiple social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We evaluate their website based on its look and usability, and check search engine results rankings. The list goes on.
We take pride in being extremely thorough, and recognize that our efforts lead to more successful outcomes for the people that use our service.

Once you’ve completed the quick questionnaire, we’ll get in touch right away to briefly confirm your details. We’ll then get to work to find the agent that best fits your needs. You’ll then be contacted by the agent we’ve matched you with, and you and the agent can set up a time to meet to ensure that your match is the right one for you.